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Kick-off meeting

Stockholm, Sweden


The kick-off meeting was successfully held in Sweden, where all three partners came together to establish a strong partnership for the project. During the meeting, we set the organizational framework and engaged in productive discussions about the project's processes and content. The meeting served as a crucial milestone where important decisions were made regarding the next steps of the project. 


Experts' Workshop on ESG

Limassol, Cyprus


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In the second meeting of our project, experts from all participating nations gathered in person to engage in brainstorming, analysis, and promotion of innovation. The primary focus was on developing optimum learning approaches and resources to achieve the project's goals and objectives.

During the meeting, several key activities took place. The experts examined the current status, identified the learning goals of the target group, and discussed actionable steps to create the best possible training materials. They also explored real-life practices relevant to the project, which would be included in the training guidebook.



Training Material

ESG e-guide handbook

This is an E-Guide Book, developed as part of the Erasmus+ project “ESG Diagnostic”, dedicated to providing in-depth knowledge and practical guidance on the concept of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices. Dive into our training material and explore the ESG frameworks and digital tools for your company!


Transnational Workshop for Professionals

Athens, Greece


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Participants were empowered with a comprehensive grasp of ESG metrics methodology and equipped with hands-on training in cutting-edge digital tools. The event showcased seasoned professionals from esteemed Greek and English enterprises showcasing the real-world application of digital tools for sustainable metrics. Throughout the workshop, attendees actively interacted with both industry experts and fellow participants, fostering insightful discussions to tackle challenges and exchange invaluable experiences.

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Informational Day



Various stakeholders and organizations participated in this global virtual gathering to observe the project's achievements and outcomes. Presentations outlining the project's objectives and extent were shared, followed by an interactive discussion aimed at enhancing its efficacy, viability, and future scalability.

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